Sammie’s Regular Report: April

Oops. I did it again. This new job of mine has stolen my brain. Don't worry, though, I'm still making words on Shane & Petra. They're on their first date right now, talking about ‘zinging’ & family & all the deep, awkward stuff no-one really wants to talk about when they're things that hurt. Work … Continue reading Sammie’s Regular Report: April


Sammie’s Regular Report: March

Well then. This month got away from me, I see. At least it’s still March and Becca hasn’t posted her April post yet? Yeah. We’ll go with that. I meant to write this last week, but I got sidetracked by this whole new job thing. Hubby said he saw a sign by a place not … Continue reading Sammie’s Regular Report: March

Sammie’s Regular Report: February

Hello, everyone! ‘Tis the time of the month for me to shout to the world about… about what, exactly? I’ve finished the first draft of Stays in Vegas, and am awaiting beta readers. That’s not agonizing, NOT AT ALL. I’m also slogging through depression and the first draft of… well, I’m not sure what to … Continue reading Sammie’s Regular Report: February

Sammie’s Regular Report: January

I've been fairly quiet of late, but I will say this: I'm back. So a few things: I've put the Mutt & Vic book on the sidelines for a while, to simmer some more... and more... and more. It's not a bad thing, Misty and I will get to it when we're ready to. Misty, … Continue reading Sammie’s Regular Report: January

Publication Announcement: Love Boat

Yes! Misty Carlisle and I have been at it again, and this time, we bring you Todd and Miles. Todd’s been angling to meet the cute, new, computer tech, Miles. Finally, he’s found a successful strategy. Under the guise of fixing the Tunnel of Love, he get’s his chance to find out if the attraction … Continue reading Publication Announcement: Love Boat