Sammie’s Regular Report: January

I've been fairly quiet of late, but I will say this: I'm back. So a few things: I've put the Mutt & Vic book on the sidelines for a while, to simmer some more... and more... and more. It's not a bad thing, Misty and I will get to it when we're ready to. Misty, … Continue reading Sammie’s Regular Report: January


Publication Announcement: Love Boat

Yes! Misty Carlisle and I have been at it again, and this time, we bring you Todd and Miles. Todd’s been angling to meet the cute, new, computer tech, Miles. Finally, he’s found a successful strategy. Under the guise of fixing the Tunnel of Love, he get’s his chance to find out if the attraction … Continue reading Publication Announcement: Love Boat

Breaking Your Characters

Yes. I did. I broke my character. Mutt... sweet, sexy, loyal to a fault, and adorned with abandonment issues he’s never gotten professional help for. Long story short, everyone who's ever meant a damn to him has left him—whether by choice or by the call of nature. When Vic shows up again after fifteen years, … Continue reading Breaking Your Characters

Facebook Event! Free Stuff!

That's right! I'm one of 2 featured authors tomorrow (Wednesday, February 15th, 2017) at Ophelia Bell's Valentines Discovery Facebook party! Eight authors over 7 days, including Misty Carlisle and myself! We've written two short stories together, and just finished scripting a short story novella novel epic novel. It's a long story, and not - okay, pardon … Continue reading Facebook Event! Free Stuff!

Happy Valentine’s Day & a New Book!

First off, yes, Happy Valentine's day! It's a day for love and hearts and... Oh, who am I kidding? It's a day for the hubby to tell me my three favorite words - "I've got Reese's." Seriously, that line will work with me dang near every time. He also brought home a new pair of … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day & a New Book!